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Administrative/Professional Concern Resolution Process 2.7-2


Human Resources
Authorizing Body:
Vice President for Administration & Business Affairs – VP-ABA
Responsible Department:
Human Resources
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This Concern Resolution Process is available to regular, non-probationary Administrative/Professional employees who wish to appeal decisions affecting their employment.

Informal Concern Resolution Process

The employee should discuss concerns with decisions affecting their employment with their immediate supervisor for the purpose of attempting to develop a satisfactory solution. This should be done as soon as is practical, and usually within two (2) weeks from the date of the occurrence causing the concern. If no satisfactory resolution is affected at this level, the employee may elect to file a formal complaint about the decision by following the process below:

Formal Concern Resolution Process

Step 1 - Supervisor 

After discussion of the matter with their immediate supervisor in the informal process, the employee shall put his/her concern(s) in writing and submit it to their immediate supervisor. A copy shall be submitted to the appropriate Dean/Director and any intermediate level of supervision which may exist. 

Upon receipt of the written concern, the immediate supervisor will meet with the employee and thoroughly investigate the matter if this has not yet occurred. The immediate supervisor will consult with the appropriate Dean/Director and any intermediate levels of supervision. Within a reasonable time after receiving the written concern, the immediate supervisor will give a written response to the employee and send a copy to the appropriate Dean/Director.

Step 2 - Vice Presidents/President 

The employee may process an appeal to Step 2 if any of the following conditions exist:

  • The nature of the concern is such that it cannot reasonably be resolved by the immediate supervisor.
  • If the employee is not satisfied with the decision of the immediate supervisor.
  • If the employee reports directly to the President or a Vice President.

If any of the above conditions exist, the employee may submit a written appeal within a reasonable time to the appropriate Vice President or the President, if the employee reports directly to the President. The appeal should include copies of the original concern, the supervisor's answer and the employee's response to the supervisor's answer, if any. Within a reasonable amount of time after receiving the appeal, a meeting with the employee will be held. A review of the circumstances and facts pertinent to the employee's concern will be conducted and a written response will be given to the employee. This decision is the final step of the appeal process.