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Security Procedures - Wickes Hall, 3rd Floor 3.2-2


Facilities & Property
Authorizing Body:
Vice President for Administration & Business Affairs – VP-ABA
Responsible Department:
Campus Facilities
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Each day prior to 7:00 a.m. and after 5:30 p.m., including all day on weekends and holidays, the third floor of Wickes Hall will be secured. All stairway doors will be locked. When the system is activated, the north elevator will be inoperative to all floors, and the south elevator will not go beyond the second floor unless activated by a security code.

  1. The President's Office will be responsible for approving the issuance of keys and elevator codes to authorized personnel. Upon receiving written approval, University Police will issue each person an elevator access code, and Campus Facilities will issue a key to stairwell doors.
  2. If a key is lost or stolen, it must be reported immediately to University Police before a replacement key will be issued. The costs to recore all stairwell doors will be borne by the University for the first loss. If a subsequent loss occurs, the individual will be responsible for all costs associated with recoring, i.e., materials, labor, etc.
  3. Campus Facilities will be assigned to lock stairwell doors. Any staff remaining on the floor after lock-up time should make sure stairwell doors are closed and latched when they leave the building.
  4. University Police officers may challenge, seek identification and question individuals they do not recognize. Persons not having an access code or an authorized key may be removed from the third floor.
  5. When the third floor is secured, it will be possible from the third floor to call the elevator to the third floor. A person who gets on the elevator at the first or second floor cannot direct the elevator to the third floor. However, if you are on the third floor and call the elevator to the third floor, a person already on the elevator could then get off at the third floor. If you question whether that person should be on the third floor, you can contact University Police.
  6. At times other than normal working hours, extra safety precautions may be appropriate in leaving the building, such as using lighted, window stairwells.