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Issuance and Replacement of Key 3.2-1


Facilities & Property
Authorizing Body:
Vice President for Administration & Business Affairs – VP-ABA
Responsible Department:
Campus Facilities
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The control, issuance and replacement of all keys for campus facilities is the responsibility of the Campus Facilities Office.


  1. Only deans, directors or vice presidents are authorized to sign the Key Authorization Form.
  2. Keys to offices and assigned work spaces will be issued to full-time faculty and staff members upon the written authorization of the responsible dean, director or vice president.
  3. Adjunct faculty and part-time staff will not be issued keys. Exceptions may be made with the approval of the appropriate vice president.
  4. Masters, sub-masters, building exterior door keys and other restricted access keys will be issued only upon written approval of the appropriate director, dean or vice president and the Vice President for Administration and Business Affairs.
  5. The Office of Housing Operations is responsible for the issuance of keys to Saginaw Valley State University students who occupy housing suites.
  6. Employees leaving the employ of Saginaw Valley State University must return all keys assigned them to Campus Facilities. No keys shall be left in the department with the dean, director or any other staff member. All keys shall be returned by the employee's last day of work. Failure to do so will result in charges being assessed and the withholding of any final payment/wages due the employee.
  7. Lost keys must be reported immediately to the University Police, and an incident report must be filed prior to the issuance of replacement keys. A copy of the incident report is required by Campus Facilities along with a newly-authorized Key Request Form prior to the issuance of replacement keys. These documents must be presented to Campus Facilities before any new keys are issued. Replacement costs (master keys and exterior door keys $200; sub-master and special keys $100; all others $20) will be assessed to individuals who demonstrate habitual key loss (two or more lost key occurrences). Furthermore, the appropriate vice presidential approval will be required for the issuance of replacement keys.
  8. Keys remain the property of Saginaw Valley State University. Improper or unauthorized use such as reproduction, lending of or use for entry to non-authorized areas may result in the revocation of key privileges and may include disciplinary action.
  9. Campus Facilities is authorized to re-key, change locks and reassign keys as directed by the Vice President for Administration and Business Affairs for security reasons. Individuals are expected to be cooperative in this regard.
  10. All keys must be signed for by the designated individual. Deans, directors or their supervisors may request keys in writing for distribution to others on a temporary basis only. The designated individual must be a full-time faculty or staff member and will be responsible for the keys. Keys will not be issued to adjunct faculty, part-time staff or students.
  11. Student groups which acquire keys for their organization are responsible for all keys and the cost of lock re-coring if keys are lost. Such organizations include the Student Association, the Valley Vanguard  and other recognized clubs and organizations. Requests for keys by these entities must be approved by the Vice President for Student Services and Enrollment Management.
  12. Exterior/Building Access Keys. Only vice presidents, along with the Vice President for Administration and Business Affairs, may approve exterior building access keys. Deans and directors may request keys for distribution on a temporary basis only. Adjunct faculty and part-time staff will not be issued exterior door keys.


  1. New employees should have their respective dean or director complete a Key Request Form (located on the SVSU Campus Facilities web page). Neither memos nor e-mails will be accepted. The building and/or area, including the room number and core number of the lock, must be included on the Key Request Form. The "purpose and use" section must be completed.
  2. This form can be mailed or delivered to Campus Facilities. The employee will be contacted when the keys are available, normally within one week upon receiving the appropriate approvals.
  3. The completed form must be submitted to Campus Facilities prior to the issuance of keys. The employee will receive a copy upon signing for keys.