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Cancellation of All classes and Closing of the University Due to Weather or other Adverse Conditions 4.1-1


Facilities & Property
Authorizing Body:
Executive Vice President for Administration & Business Affairs – EVP-ABA
Responsible Department:
Admin. & Business Affairs
Applies To:
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  1. In the event that weather or other adverse conditions necessitate closing the campus and/or canceling classes and other activities the decision to do so will be made prior to 6:30 am for day classes and 2:30 pm for evening classes and will generally be based upon the following:
    • The condition of the main roads leading to the campus.
    • The condition of the roads and parking lots on the campus.
    • Weather reports regarding the tracking of storms or other adverse conditions.
    • The condition of heat and other utilities on campus.
  2. If a delayed opening is announced, all classes starting before the announced opening time are cancelled; classes starting at or after the announced time will meet as scheduled. Offices will open at the announced time.
  3. In the event of an early closing, classes in progress will be dismissed at the discretion of the faculty member.
  4. In the event weather conditions in a local area are more severe than in the campus area, each person should use his/her own judgment about driving to the campus and should avoid any unnecessary risks.


The Executive Vice President for Administration and Business Affairs, or designee, will cancel classes or close the University after consultation with Campus Facilities.

Announcement Information

  1. The local media will be contacted regarding the cancellation or closing.
  2. A Campus Alert message will be issued.
  3. The SVSU Weather/Information line (989) 964-4477 will be updated.
  4. A message will appear on the SVSU website.
  5. In the event that sudden and severe weather conditions develop and you have an emergency situation on campus, contact University Police by dialing 911 from any telephone.