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RN to BSN Program - Hybrid Format

The Department of Nursing is happy to announce the new hybrid format for the RN to BSN completion program starting Fall 2008. All nursing courses will be offered in a hybrid format; hybrid equates to at least 50% of the course will be online and the other will be offered in campus (compressed) sessions. This format allows for greater flexibility and decreases campus time.

Additional university/non-nursing credits required for the degree are offered in a variety of formats; traditional, hybrid and online.

Program Requirements

Nursing Courses:  (24 credits required)   

NURS 300      Transition (Strongly recommended as first course 4 cr.
NURS 363 Critical Thinking and Communication for the RUN 4 cr.
NURS 463 Family and Community Health Phenomena and Nursing Interventions     4 cr. 
NURS 466 RN Practicum I 4 cr.
NURS 483 Integration of Professional Role and Issues 4 cr.
NURS 486  RN PRacticum II 4 cr.

Non-Nursing Elective Courses:  Two upper division (300 or 400 level), non-required courses, total of four credits minimum.  Additional credits as needed to meet university general education and degree requirements; a total of 124 credits are required; these credits include 24 NURS credits, 31 credits awarded based on articulation criteria, prerequisite credits, transfer credits, Basic Skills credits, General Education credits, and elective credits.  Individual needs will be dependent upon number of transfer credits.  RN to MSN students are not required to complete Nurs 483. 

Proposed Schedule

Schedule subject to change.  See Cardinal Direct for actual class meeting dates.



  1     2   3   4    5    6    7    8    9   10   11  12  13   14  15 
 N300  Fall  CS  CS    T    T   T  CS   T   T  CS   T  CS/T   T   T   T  CS
 N362  Winter     CS     CS      T      T      T     CS     T      T     CS     T     CS/T     T      T      T     CS   
 N463  Fall  CS  CS   T   T   T  CS   T   T  CS   T   CS   T   T  CS    CS
 N466  Fall  CS  CS   T   T   T  CS   T   T  CS   T   CS   T   T  CS  CS
 N483  Winter  CS  CS   T   T   T  CS   T   T  CS   T  CS/T   T   T   T  CS
 N486  Winter  CS  CS   T   T   T  CS   T   T  CS   T  CS/T   T   T   T  CS

CS = Campus session             T = Content/Assignments via Technology

BSN Program

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Graduate Programs

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RN-BSN Program

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