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Machine Shop (P105)

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The machine shop supports student projects, the Manufacturing Processes and Systems course, research, and instruction in hands-on manufacturing. The shop has equipment for welding, machining, sawing, and plastic injection molding components. Students can be found regularly using this facility. Many students work on either the Cardinal Formula Racing car, senior design projects, semester projects, research projects, or personal projects.

Proper safety instruction is required before using the shop. However once instructed, students are allowed to use the shop. Students have work on projects that have ranged from fixing a broken piece of furniture to custom testing fixtures to a completed open wheel style race car.

The machine shop has always been the center of the hands-on education that the Mechanical Engineering Department prides itself on delivering to its graduates.


  • Three 9"x49" vertical mills
  • Three 9"lathes
  • Horizontal band-saw
  • Vertical Dake band-saw
  • 3-axis CNC mill
  • Three down draft welding tables
  • Millermatic 180 MIG welder
  • Lincoln Electric 175 Square Wave TIG
  • Oxy-acetylene welding and cutting station
  • All necessary safety equipment.
  • Hypertherm Powermax 45 plasma cutter
  • Two drill presses
  • Sand blaster
  • Surface plates
  • Movable tables
  • Vises
  • Complete set of hand tools


Resources for Students

The following are a set of resources for students working in the machine shop.

Contact Us
(989) 964-2735(989) 964-2735

Department Chair

Dr. John Herman


Pioneer 221