We Don't Just Drive — We Are Driven.

Cardinal Formula Racing (CFR) is a faculty led student racing team that competes in the Formula SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) Collegiate Design Series (CDS) competitions. CFR conceives designs, builds and races small Indy-style racecars to compete in the most prestigious student design competition in the world, Formula SAE. 

Cardinal Formula Racing provides students with a hands on opportunity to learn in and out of the Xtreme-Logo classroom. Students build a car from concept to completion to compete in the Formula SAE Collegiate Competition Series in May. The Formula SAE series is one of the largest engineering competition series in the world, with nine international events and over 300 student lead teams worldwide. The SVSU team takes a multi-disciplinary approach to competition and involves engineering, accounting, and marketing students.

Who We Are

The 2002 CFR Team at the Silverdome with the

The Lore of '84

The 2002 team rocketed the program by placing sixth in the world! Their hard work has set the standards for every Cardinal Formula Racing Team since.

The 2014 Cardinal Formula Racing team finished first in acceleration.

1st Place in Acceleration

The 2014 team earns first place in the Acceleration Category and finishes 36th in the world.

2015 Cardinal Formula Racing Team with car

Highest Among Peers

The 2015 team finished in 26th place out of 110 colleges and universities from around the world. They ranked highest among institutions without a graduate program in engineering by placing in the top 15 in acceleration, autocross, cost, presentation and skid pad.

Cardinal Formula Racing practicing prior to races.

Gritty Determination

The 2017 team built one of the fastest college race cars in the world and finished sixth in the acceleration category, with a placement of 25th among 120 global competitors.

Burning the Midnight Oil

The 2018 squad cemented SVSU's record for having the highest finish among exclusively undergraduate programs!


Building engines is in Alex Fullerton’s blood. It started with a full-frame restoration in his garage. After five years on the Cardinal Formula Racing team building Indy-style race cars, he now works on engines as a systems integration engineer at Nexteer.

Alex's Story >>

A Team Effort

CFR is a special program in SVSU's College of Science, Engineering and Technology. CFR is made up of 20 to 30 students from engineering, business and art. CFR is an extracurricular program, but there are mechanisms in the engineering, business and art curriculum for the students to earn course credit. There are two faculty advisors, one from mechanical engineering and one from business. There is also one industry and racing advisor.

Pioneer Hall at night

Explore the undergraduate and graduate degree programs in science, engineering and technology that help to influence how we build formula race cars!

Curtiss Hall exterior, home of the College of Business & Management.

Discover how to apply skills from our entrepreneurial degree programs in business and management to help run formula racing vehicles and so much more!


Reveal a limitless world of possibilities as you delve into our creative arts and behavioral sciences programs to assist in implementing designs across formula racing vehicles!

Steps to Join the Team


Express Interest

Talk to prior team members or chat with an advisor.


Go to an Official Meeting

Learn all about the who, what, where, when, and whys of the Cardinal Formula Racing team.


Meet With an Advisor

Don't be afraid to ask questions about the team and what your expectations should be going into it.


Welcome to the Racing Family!

Take a leap of faith and join the team!


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