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Electron Microscopy Lab (SW144)

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The Electron Microscopy (EM) lab is housed in Science West. It is primarily operated by the Biology Department with assistance from the Mechanical Engineering Department. The EM lab houses a JEOL JSM-5400 scanning electron microscope (SEM) with an energy dispersive spectrometer (EDS) and a JEOL JEM-1400 transmission electron microscope (TEM). The SEM can magnify objects up to 200,000X. With the EDS system on the SEM, researchers can obtain both topological and chemical information from the test samples. This allows scientists and engineers to understand not only the structure of the object under examination, but also the distribution of elements within the object. The TEM provides magnification of objects up to 600,000X. At these magnifications, the operator can examine crystal defects in metals and the structure of cells. This is important information for determining fundamental atomic or cellular relationships. Biological sample preparation equipment, a gold sputter coater, and a carbon coater are housed in this facility for all researchers to use. This lab supports student instruction in EM techniques and various research projects across campus.


  • JEOL JSM-5400 SEM
  • Oxford Instruments INCA EDS system
  • JEOL JEM-1400 TEM
  • Vacuum impregnation system
  • Denton Vacuum DCP-1critical point drying apparatus
  • Denton Vacuum Desk II gold sputter coater
  • Denton Vacuum DV-502 carbon coating system
  • Two microtomes
  • Image analysis software
  • Hot plates
  • Film developing supplies and equipment






 RTEmagicC_EM1          RTEmagicC_EM2


Images taken at SVSU

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Resources for Students

  Below are additional resources for students interested in or using the electron microscopy lab.

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Department Chair

Dr. John Herman


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