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History (BA)

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History is the foundation of good citizenship and teaches skills that are applicable in a variety of professions. Historians investigate the many perspectives of past people and events, show us where we are and help us determine where we may be going. History majors have a deep understanding of the society in which they live. They critically analyze and interpret large amounts of information and come to informed judgments. SVSU History instructors are working historians with a strong focus on oral history, providing students with opportunities to work with faculty doing research on local, national and global history. If you are fascinated by history and want to seek opportunities in this field, the SVSU History program is your place to develop and strengthen skills in written and oral communication, collaborative work, critical thinking, research, analysis and content mastery—competencies in high-demand across a broad range of careers.

Cardinal Points

  • The History Department has three prestigious endowed scholarship awards for history students.

  • History students conduct research with faculty who are working historians, such as interviewing veterans and local, national and global history—opportunities that large history programs do not offer. 

  • Phi Alpha Theta, a national history honor society, helps history students apply to grad schools and present their research at conferences. Every year History students attend the regional Phi Alpha Theta conference.

The History program offers a broad spectrum of historical topics, including a strong focus on local and regional oral history. All courses teach students to formulate historical questions and to construct narratives and interpretationsIssues of diversityincluding race, ethnicity, class and genderare addressed in individual classes, as well as by the structure of the program, which requires that students take courses across three regional or global content categories.

Highlighted Courses

Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Year 4

Key Electives

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Complementary Minors/Majors

Our Students After Graduation...


Flint Children’s Museum
Frankenmuth Insurance
Education and Training Connection, Midland
Western Michigan University

Graduate Programs

University of Michigan
University of Chicago
University of Alabama
Michigan State University
Wayne State University
Colorado State University
Indiana University

Career Opportunities

Museum Curator
College Instructor
Marketing Executive

  • 6% projected growth for the employment of historians with a bachelor’s degree. (U.S. Dept. of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics)
  • $61,140 is the median yearly pay for a historian in the U.S. (U.S. Dept. of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics)
  • With a bachelor’s degree from SVSU’s history program, career doors are open to a multitude of fields including government and education.

Cardinal Successes

These stories offer insight into how our students have turned their SVSU education into successful opportunities yielding real-world success.

Morgan Seeley History Education Major

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