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B.F.A Seminar Art Exhibition


April 1 - April 10, 2019

Counter Culture Art Gallery

featuring works by

Max Booms, graphic design
Danielle Cecil, photography
Etim Eniang, graphic design
Desserie McFadden, ceramics
Hongkun Sha, graphic design
Taylor Stone, graphic design
Shelby Thurston, graphic design

SVSU Art Department students enrolled in Art 480, Arts Management and Safety BFA Seminar for Fine Art students, curated and coordinated this exhibition as an assignment for their class. Students are also required for the set up and tear down of their own artwork. The course acts as a capstone, and is required for graduation. “On and Off the Wall” is an exhibition that showcases all different media, both ‘on’ and ‘off’ the walls. Media showcased includes design, photography, ceramics, drawings, paintings, and more.

Etim Eniang, Desserie McFadden, Hongkun Sha, Taylor Stone, Shelby Thurston, Max Booms, Danielle Cecil)

Counter Culture is a community-based arts facility, where artists can showcase their work. They have music, visual art, theater, philosophy, jokes and more. It facilitates a welcoming environment, where anyone is able to give their talents a chance. Counter Culture is a non-profit organization, where people are allowed to collaborate and learn with one another. For more information, please visit their website at or call (989) 746-4654.  

Danielle Cecil GalleryDanielle Cecil

Hongkun Sha GalleryHongkum Sha

 Max Booms
Max Booms

Taylor Stone
Taylor Stone
Etim Eniang Gallery
Etim Eniang

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Department Chair

Shaun Bangert


Arbury Fine Arts Center 153