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works by

Jill Cooley, Corey Gilbert, Jason Hynes 
Jillian Moody and Kristine Schlicht

April 18 - April 30, 2011

Thursday, April 21, 2011
4:30 pm - 7:00 pm

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Jill Cooley, is from Bay City.  Jill is a dual BFA student with a concentration in both photography and ceramics.  This current BFA exhibit, she will be presenting her photography portfolio.  Jill loves both black and white film and digital photography equally, but her favorite camera is the large format 4 x 5 and the images produced from it.  Her experience in the SVSU art program has been wonderful, the professors were great, and while work was challenging, it was also rewarding. 

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Corey Gilbert, is from Saginaw, and has always been passionate about art.  Corey will be graduating with a BFA degree with a concentration in painting and drawing.    He works with oils in the discipline of formalism, with a focus on line and color.  Corey states "While attending SVSU, he challenged himself as much as he ever has artistically and academically and would not have been able to do so without the art department faculty at SVSU, they kept feeding the fire for me".  He plans on attending graduate school in the fall.




Jason Hynes, is from Burton, Michigan.  He is graduating with a BFA degree with a concentration in graphic design.   Jason is exhibiting a variety of work that he has created while attending SVSU; logos, ad campaigns, and a more illustrative work that consists of a book, some product placement and other point of sale items to advertise the book.  Jason states "my experience at SVSU has been nothing but positive.  I have grown as an artist because of the drive and teachings by the professors and staff in the Art Department.  I feel that they have really helped me better understand art as a whole and everything that encompasses it. 

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Jillian Moody, is from Au Gres, Michigan.  She will be graduating with a BFA degree with a concentration in photography.  Jillian states; my camera of choice is the large format camera for its exquisite quality, and the way it challenges my patience and skill.  Many of the photographs I take deal with texture and form.  Texture beyond what the eye can see that is only made clear through a photograph; the stopping of time, capturing the moment that will never be repeated.  I want my audience to look at my photographs and see what I see, beauty in the everyday mundane things.  We live in a fast paced world and sometimes forget to really look at the things around us. 

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Kristine Schlicht is from Vassar, Michigan.  Kristine will be graduating with a BFA degree, with a concentration in graphic design.  The idea for her exhibit sprung from the creation of the "Half-pint" characters.  The characters were used as a vehicle to display her ability to tackle all aspects of a graphic design project (brand identity, promotion, merchandise, point of purchase display, etc.)  To take it a step further, in the attempt to create the appearance of a book published and sold in real life, she decided to approach the actual display of her work as an installation piece, where it would feel as if you had wandered into a bookstore.


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