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Alumni Stories

SVSU alums are doing amazing things in their lives; they have successful careers, thriving personal lives, and help to strengthen their communities. Below are just some of the examples of what amazing things SVSU alums are doing after they graduate.

Brooke Elward

November 2023

Meet Brooke Elward, a proud SVSU graduate and the talented owner of Be Photographed. Fueled by her passion for photography, both as a hobby and a profession, Brooke has been professionally capturing life's precious moments since 2022. She adores working with people and feels privileged to be part of their most joyous occasions.

Check out Be Photographed at

Cameron Thorp

November 2023

From the moment he stepped onto the stage in high school, Cameron Thorp knew that theater was his calling. As a proud 2013 graduate of SVSU's Theater department, Cameron not only discovered his passion for acting but also his desire to experience every facet of stage production. From the remote landscapes of Alaska to the sunny shores of Florida, Cameron's theatrical journey has taken him across the country. Now thriving as the Company Manager at Asolo Repertory Theatre in Sarasota Florida, he cherishes every incredible minute spent in this captivating profession!

Saadman Bin Abdullah

October 2023

Saadman Bin Abdullah is a 2021 graduate in Mechanical Engineering from SVSU who loves connecting with people. He had a fantastic time on campus, from meeting his wife to getting published in a research journal to working with world-class professors. Today, Saadman thrives as a Manufacturing Equipment Engineer at Tesla in Northern California!

Cathy and Gabe Soto

October 2023

Cathy and Gabe Soto are the Grand Marshalls for SVSU's 2023 Homecoming Weekend! Learn about their combined 74 years working at SVSU, and how the campus has changed since they first started.

Matt Zufelt

November 2023

Matt's clocks have captured the hearts of car enthusiasts worldwide, with designs primarily featuring vintage automobiles. Clock9Nine is truly a labor of love - a family-operated business run straight out of Matt's garage. Embracing the work-from-home lifestyle allows him to dedicate plenty of quality time to his loved ones.

We know that you do amazing things, both personally and professionally, and we want to hear all about it. Whether you've landed your dream job, started your own business, or made a difference in your community, we want to celebrate your accomplishments and share your story with the world. We can't wait to hear from you!

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