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Manish Osti

March 2024

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Manish Osti graduated from SVSU in 2023. He works. SVSU helped Manish follow his passion for earning a Computer Science degree, which he now uses to excel at Hemlock Semiconductor and Georgia Tech. He loves that he is able to work with AI in both roles. Manish’s wife has been his biggest supporter. She encouraged him to reenroll at SVSU and helped him throughout earning his degree.

Life at SVSU

Manish graduated from SVSU in 2023 with a degree in Computer Science. He initially enrolled at SVSU in 2016 but had to leave due to an injury and reenrolled in 2021. Manish originally started as a  Physics major, but his friends convinced him to switch to a Computer Science major when he became interested in their Computer Science homework. Manish had always liked computer science and even came in 2nd at a national Computer Science competition in Nepal in high school.

SVSU helped Manish gain many opportunities. He loved talking with his professors about Computer Science and AI specifically. He was able to do research with 2 of his professors while attending SVSU. He felt that all his professors cared about his success, encouraging him to go forward.

Life Beyond SVSU

While at SVSU, Manish worked full-time at Hemlock Semiconductor; he is still an Associate Analytics Professional. His role includes some work in AI, which Manish loves. He loves to talk to others who are passionate about AI for hours. Manish likes the culture at Hemlock, where anyone can pitch an idea, and it can become a project. He likes that he feels valued as an employee at Hemlock Semiconductor. Manish is also working at Georgia Tech as a Grad Researcher and taking grad courses to build up his pathway to PhD in Computer science with research specialization in Artificial Intelligence. Georgia Tech is among the top 3 schools in the United States in terms of AI. When not working or studying, Manish enjoys trekking, travel, and playing FIFA on his PS5.

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