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Megan Koch

April 2024

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Megan is the Executive Director of Studio 23 in downtown Bay City. She graduated from SVSU with a major in history and a minor in art to complete her passion for art history. She loves meeting new people in the community and sharing local community members' work in Studio 23. When not working, you can find Megan enjoying downtown Bay City, camping, or enjoying delicious food with loved ones.

Life at SVSU

When she started at SVSU, Megan wasn't sure of what she wanted to do. She tried several majors before she fell in love with art history when she took an art history course as a general studies credit. SVSU does not offer an art history major, so Megan worked with academic advising and decided to major in history and minor in art. Her history professors were so understanding that they let Megan tailor her assignments to meet their criteria while blending art history into them.

Megan graduated from SVSU in 2020 and knew that she wanted to continue learning about art history. With the help of Dr. Jolly, she applied to graduate schools and went to Wayne State for a master's in art history.

Life Beyond SVSU

After learning more about art history at Wayne State, Megan became the Executive Director of Studio 23 in Bay City. Studio 23 is an art gallery with local exhibits, 1-day workshops, and several galleries. Megan loves her job and her small but mighty six-person staff. As the Executive Director, she wears many hats, with her primary responsibilities including networking with community members, fundraising, grant writing, and day-to-day operations. Megan's favorite part about her job is meeting new community members through networking events.

When not working at Studio 23, Megan teaches art history classes at Delta College, Wayne State, and Monroe College. She has always envisioned herself teaching and loves spending time with her students. In her free time, Megan enjoys downtown Bay City, camping, and delicious meals with loved ones.

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