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Student Information

The staff of the Office of Accessibility Resources and Accommodations (ARA) are dedicated to opening doors of equal opportunity to individuals with disabilities at SVSU.

Whether you are currently enrolled or are considering re-enrollment, ARA welcomes you. This office is responsible for providing services and determining reasonable accommodations for students with disabilities based on supporting documentation.

Explore this site for answers to many of your questions, including access to your current account with ARA. If you are having trouble accessing your account, call us at (989) 964-7000 for assistance or stop by our office at Wickes Hall, Suite 260.

Rights for Students With Disabilities

Policies Regarding Classroom Accommodations

Students must provide an Accessibility Resources and Accommodations professional with their current documentation from an appropriate source that verifies the nature of the disability, functional limitations and the need for specific accommodations prior to the beginning of their initial enrollment or term.

Accommodations and services offered to students with disabilities are intended to alter the way in which material is presented, but in no way, intended to modify course content or program requirements as established by Saginaw Valley State University and their professor(s).

In most cases, to be eligible for services, students must provide documentation of their disability issued within the last three years. Certification of a disability, via documentation, may be requested annually to provide updates on the disability or diagnosis and its changes.

Any accommodations that are requested after the start of the term will be implemented in 7 to 14 days after the student has notified the Office of Accessibility Resources and Accommodations of a disability and they have received appropriate documentation. Any grades, activities, tests, quizzes or other student responsibilities cannot be subject to accommodations prior to the date of request.

Accommodations are based on the documentation that students provide. If a student finds they need additional help beyond the accommodations provided, then they should contact Accessibility Resources and Accommodations for help.

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Student Responsibilities
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Shawn Wilson, Director of Accessibility Resources and Accommodations
Wickes 260
(989) 964-7000

Ryan McCracken, Associate Director of Accessibility Resources and Accommodations
Wickes 260
(989) 964-7000

Debbi Abeare-Jacobs, Administrative Secretary
Wickes 260
(989) 964-7000