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Student Accommodation Appeal Procedure

Saginaw Valley State University's Office of Accessibility Resources and Accommodations (ARA) has the responsibility to recommend and arrange accommodations for students with disabilities. A formal appeal process is available to students who believe accommodations have been denied, the recommended accommodation is not appropriate or their rights have been violated. Although there is no time limit for filing a complaint, mediation and resolutions will be for current or on-going situations.


The student should first discuss the problem with the Director of the ARA Office.

If the situation cannot be resolved informally or if the student is not satisfied with the outcome of the meeting, an appeal may be filed, in writing, to the Chief Diversity Officer. The appeal may be brief but must be specific in identifying the problematic situation, the parties involved and possible solutions.

Chief Diversity Officer 

Dr. Mamie Thorns

(989) 964-4068

A review of the situation will typically commence within three working days. The Chief Diversity Officer or her designee will appoint an investigator(s) to review the complaint.

A full report will be filed by the investigator(s) with the Chief Diversity Officer.

The Chief Diversity Officer will render a decision within three working days of receipt of the report and notify the student in writing.

Facts & Questions

At any time students may contact the Office of Civil Rights to seek assistance.

Office of Civil Rights
U.S. Department of Education
600 Superior Avenue, East
Bank One Center, Suite 750
Cleveland, Ohio 44111-2611
(216) 522-4970
FAX: (216) 522-2573

If a complaint is brought by a student regarding the denial of an accommodation for an ongoing class, then the decision of the ARA to provide or deny said accommodation shall be implemented until such time as a formal resolution is achieved.

Faculty issues with decisions regarding accommodation of students with disabilities should be referred to the Director of the Accessibility Resources and Accommodations.


Shawn Wilson, Director of Accessibility Resources and Accommodations
Wickes 260
(989) 964-7000

Ryan McCracken, Associate Director of Accessibility Resources and Accommodations
Wickes 260
(989) 964-7000

Debbi Abeare-Jacobs, Administrative Secretary
Wickes 260
(989) 964-7000