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I've SOARed!

Yippee! You’ve attended SOAR! You have your first-year schedule, made some great connections, and hopefully feel confident about starting at SVSU. Below are resources to help you prepare for your arrival on campus this fall. Use these links to help answer the question of “what should I be doing now?” You’ve got this, and we’ve got you covered. 

Still haven’t attended a SOAR program, click here for your next steps to becoming a Cardinal. 

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What to think about now that your have SOARed:

We know that there is a LOT of information you are given at SOAR and you will likely have questions when you get home or may wish to make changes to your schedule. Have no fear! The advising team is here! One of the most important elements of your academic career is developing an understanding of your degree requirements.  Our primary goal as academic advisors is to help you understand your degree requirements and help you plan for success!

Here are a few ways you can get in touch with our office:

Text us:

Text (989) 296-2777 for quick questions. A Peer Advisor will get back to you during business hours.

Email us:

Have a quick question? Email or and we will answer your question electronically.

Book an appointment:

We offer virtual appointments throughout the week that allow you to meet with an advisor from the comfort of home! Click here to book a time that works for you.

Note: Virtual appointments are held via Microsoft Teams. Please be sure to download the app on your device prior to your appointment and log in with your SVSU account so you and your advisor can easily connect.

There's a lot of information we need to make sure that you are in the correct classes and ready to take on college! Transcripts and tests scores are key in your course placements! Make a list of items that you need to send to us ASAP! It's best if you do this prior to your SOAR to ensure the most smooth transitions to college academics, but if you did not get everything in NOW is the time!

SAT/ACT Scores: While SAT and ACT scores are no longer required for admission to SVSU, they can save you money and time by ensuring you are properly placed in your basic skills courses. Please send official score reports to SVSU and follow up with an advisor to make sure that you are in the correct classes. Sending scores will not impact your admission, they can only potentially help! Didn't take the SAT or ACT? Click here to learn more about valuable placement test options!

AP/IB Scores: Don't leave credits behind. Make sure to list SVSU as who you want to receive your score reports! We understand that when you attend SOAR, it's likely we will not know the results of tests taken during your senior year so adjustments will be made on your behalf when we receive credit-granting scores. Keep an eye on your SVSU email for information regarding schedule adjustments made on your behalf.

College/Dual Enrollment/Middle College Transcripts: You've done the work and earned the grade so bring the credits with you to SVSU! Please send official copies of your college transcripts to to have earned credits transferred in!

Final High School Transcripts: Once you finish your senior year and say "goodbye" to high school, be sure to have your final transcripts sent to our Admissions Office. This is a crucial final step for students to lock in scholarships, finalize financial aid, and ensure you are set to start classes at SVSU!

Paying for college looks different for everyone, but what your next steps are for Financial Aid? Scholarships? Payments? The Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid are here to help you keep your steps in order! This page is just another tool to help you navigate through Financial Aid as you become a Cardinal!

Click here to learn about your steps for financial aid as a new cardinal!

Deciding where to live and what to eat is one of the most exciting parts of getting ready for SVSU! When you choose to live on campus, get ready to unpack, share memorable moments, and develop lasting friendships. With modern facilities, exceptional dining options, and vast recreational opportunities, it is no surprise that when compared to other public universities, SVSU is ranked #1 IN THE NATION for the best college dorms and ranked #1 IN MICHIGAN for best college campus! Click here to learn more about what SVSU has to offer for housing!

Living off-campus can be great, too! We offer lots of ways to keep our commuter population connected to everything SVSU! Click here to check out what Student Life has to offer!

Oh, and don't forget! The food here is great, too! Meal plans can help save money and time. Check them out along without our fantastic dining options!

CT 100: Transitions Semester is an elective 1-credit college success course that helps students transition successfully to college life and is strongly encouraged for ALL students and required for students who are conditionally admitted. Students who take this course have higher first-semester GPAs and are more likely to continue to their second year. This course covers topics such as time management, study skills, and will give the tools to help you to succeed at SVSU. In your section of CT 100, you will have an embedded Peer Advocate that will help you learn how to navigate SVSU resources and help you learn to advocate for yourself!

Interested in learning more? Click here! We would love for you to join us!

80% of students come into college undecided or under-decided on their program of study. Since it's normal to not be totally sure about what you may wish to major in, we have tools to help you explore your interests and skills! Check resources to learn more about how to pick a major that's right for you!

Already have a major in mind! That's awesome! Take time to explore career options!


College is tough, but making sure to set up accommodations for your academic endeavors is a must! Our office of Accessibility Resources and Accommodations can help you get tools in place that you need to be successful inside the classroom. Check out all they can do and all they have to offer here.

Additionally, starting college can be challenging outside of the classroom. Having support in place to make sure your mental health and wellness are a top priority before you step foot onto campus is necessary for your success. Get in touch today with our Mental Health and Wellness center.

Seriously, check your SVSU email! Students need to check this account to ensure that they are getting the info you need to be prepared to start this fall and the semesters to come. Your SVSU email is the ONLY email faculty and departments (such as financial aid) will use to contact you. We suggested checking and clearing your email at least once a week when classes are not in session and DAILY once classes start. So, again, check your email!

Fresh Start is part two (of three) of your orientation to SVSU. Fresh Start will take place Friday, August 26th, and will reorient you with the campus, connect you with upperclassmen who can guide you through the first weeks at SVSU, and get you ready to take on your first day of classes! Click here for more details!

But wait! There's more! Once you have your Fresh Start experience, Student Life will help you feel even more welcome with Welcome Weekend events!


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Office of the Registrar
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