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Mechanical engineering student working on a lab project

Mechanical Engineering Pathway

Welcome to SVSU's Mechanical Engineering MiTransfer Pathway! Below are the courses that are needed to complete the pathway from your community college to our university.

To learn more about our Mechanical Engineering program please visit our Mechanical Engineering department's website.


Mechanical Engineering (B.S.M.E.)

Pathway Course Course Number Course Title Credit Hours 
Calculus I MATH*161 Calculus I 4 credits
Calculus II MATH*162 Calculus II 4 credits
Calculus III MATH*261 Calculus III 4 credits
Differential Equations* MATH*262 Differential Equations 4 credits
Physics I (Calculus-based, w/lab) PHYS*211/211L Analytical Physics I and Lab 5 credits
Physics II (Calculus-based, w/lab) PHYS*212/212L Analytical Physics II and Lab 5 credits
Chemistry I (w/lab) CHEM*111/111L General Chemistry I and Lab 5 credits
Statics ME*251 Engineering Statics 3 credits
Dynamics ME*252 Engineering Dynamics 3 credits
Mechanics of Solids/Strength of Materials (no lab required) ME*250/ME*353 Principles of Engineering/Solid Mechanics 4 credits

* Minimum 4 credits, linear algebra must be covered

General Education or Program RequirementCourse NumberCourse TitleCredit Hours
Program Requirement ME*101 OR ECE*101 Engineering Careers & Concepts 2 credits
General Education and Program Requirement PHIL*210B Appl Ethics - Engineering & Computer Tech 3 credits


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