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Criminal Justice Graduate

Criminal Justice MiTransfer Pathway

Welcome to SVSU's Criminal Justice MiTransfer Pathway! Below are the courses that are needed to complete the pathway from your community college to our university.

To learn more about our Criminal Justice program please visit our CJ department's website.

Criminal Justice (B.A.)

Pathway Course Course Number Course Title Credit Hours
Introduction to Psychology PSYC*100 General Psychology 4 credits
Introduction to Sociology SOC*111 Introduction to Sociology 3 credits
Introduction to Criminal Justice CJ*201 Introduction to Criminal Justice  3 credits
Introduction to Corrections CJ*304 Corrections 3 credits

General Education or Program Requirement Course Number Course Title Credit Hours
Program Requirement CJ*302 Policing 3 credits
Program Requirement CJ*303 Criminal Courts 3 credits
Program Elective CJ*305 Criminal Law 3 credits
Program Requirement CJ*315 Private Security 3 credits
Program Elective CJ*316 Criminal Investigation 3 credits
Program Elective CJ*350 Juvenile Justice System 3 credits


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