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Revenue Producing Projects for SVSU Student Groups 7.2-3


Student Affairs
Authorizing Body:
Vice President for Administration & Business Affairs – VP-ABA
Responsible Department:
Student Affairs
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  1. For the purpose of this policy, all activities involving the collection of money by student groups are defined as revenue-producing projects. Revenue-producing projects include the selling of advertising, printed materials, political materials, student -produced goods, student-provided services, the selling of tickets and/or charging admission to public activities or events, the soliciting of voluntary contributions, rental of table space and selling of any other goods and services.
  2. Only registered student organizations, athletic teams, living unit groups, major governing and advisory groups, Program Board, honorary societies, musical and theatrical groups and other student groups affiliated with and recognized by Saginaw Valley State University may conduct revenue-producing projects on campus.
  3. All revenue-producing projects must be registered with the Campus Activities Office except: 
    Revenue-producing projects in which only the membership of the sponsoring registered student organization or living unit organization is solicited.
  4. The following procedures are established and apply to all revenue-producing projects:
    1. To register the project, complete a Revenue-Producing Project Form and have it signed by the group's presiding officer and faculty/staff advisor. The forms are available in the Campus Activities Office in Wickes Hall.
    2. All student group activities must be in compliance with rules, regulations and/or policies of Saginaw Valley State University and laws of the State of Michigan.
    3. The establishment of booths and/or door-to-door solicitation for the purpose of selling literature, publications, goods and services is prohibited in any classroom building. (Sales are to be held in connecting corridors only.)
    4. The establishment of booths and/or tables for selling literature, publications, permitted goods and services and tickets is permitted in the lobby of Doan Center, in the corridor connecting Wickes and Brown Hall, at athletic fields, in the corridor connecting Zahnow Library and the Science Building, and in the designated areas of the Health and Physical Education Complex. 
      Only one revenue-producing project will be permitted in any of the aforementioned locations at any given time. 
      Sales in the second floor corridor between Brown and Wickes Hall must be limited to the space between buildings and shall not extend into either building. 
      Sales in the second floor connecting Zahnow Library and the Science Building must be located in the uncarpeted area between the doorways to Zahnow 206 and Science 224.
    5. Campus organizations may reserve a particular location for revenue-producing projects only twice a month. (Facilities are reserved in the Facilities Scheduling Office.)
    6. All projects requiring the usage of campus building space must be kept clean and attractive.
    7. Organizations may be required to pay a standard charge only for additional University services that might be required for the revenue-producing project.
    8. Groups who conduct revenue-producing activities are responsible for cleaning up any litter resulting from the event. Furniture must also be repositioned in its proper place. SVSU reserves the right to charge student groups for cleaning services if they are required.
    9. Damage to University property must be reported immediately to the University Police. The sponsoring student organization is responsible for monetary reimbursement to the University for damage to University property. The University will designate the form and manner of repayment. Failure to comply will result in disciplinary action.
    10. Raffles may be sponsored if the sponsoring group obtains prior approval from the Director of Campus Activities and a license from the State of Michigan. State law requires that non-profit organizations holding raffles be in existence for a minimum of 5 years or have 501-C3 status through the federal government. 
      The State of Michigan prohibits fraternities and sororities from sponsoring raffles. 
      Persons under 18 years of age are prohibited by state law from selling raffle tickets.
    11. Groups conducting revenue-producing projects must carry or display a copy of an approved application for the duration of the project.
    12. Any student group preparing food for sale must have the written approval of Dining Services to assure that all state and county regulations are met. (Exceptions: bake sales, candy sales, popcorn sales.) 

      Food items sold at SVSU:
      • must be covered or wrapped until the time of sale to reduce direct handling,
      • must not require any refrigeration or heating to be served, and
      • must not be the same factory-packaged items as those in vending machines on SVSU's campus.
    13. Groups preparing and serving food must meet all state and county regulations. A valid caterer's license must be in effect for the duration of the event. (Caterer's licenses may be obtained from the county health department.) A certificate of insurance will also be required.
    14. Sales requiring the scheduling of facilities and/or space and not including projects taking place at athletic events must take place between the hours of 7:30 a.m. and 10:00 p.m. Such projects will be limited to weekdays, Monday through Friday.
    15. Revenue-producing projects taking place at athletic events must be approved by the Director of Athletics.
    16. Some functions may require filing proof of insurance with the University. The amount and type of insurance will be determined by the specific event.
    17. The Director of Campus Activities retains the right for approving or denying revenue-producing activities. If rejected, the rejection and explanation shall be made in writing with a copy furnished to the sponsoring student organization.