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SVSU Common Data Set - 2013-2014

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F1 Percentages of first-time, first-year (freshman) degree-seeking students and degree-seeking undergraduates enrolled in Fall 2013 who fit the following categories:  
F1      First-time,   first-year (freshman) students  Undergraduates  
F1 Percent who are from out of state (exclude international/nonresident aliens from the numerator and denominator) 2% 1%  
F1 Percent of men who join fraternities 2% 3%  
F1 Percent of women who join sororities 3% 3%  
F1 Percent who live in college-owned, -operated, or -affiliated housing 70% 31%  
F1 Percent who live off campus or commute 30% 69%  
F1 Percent of students age 25 and older 1% 16%  
F1 Average age of full-time students 18 21  
F1 Average age of all students (full- and part-time) 18 22  
F2 Activities offered Identify those programs available at your institution.   
F2 Campus Ministries X        
F2 Choral groups X        
F2 Concert band X        
F2 Dance X        
F2 Drama/theater X        
F2 International Student Organization X        
F2 Jazz band X        
F2 Literary magazine X        
F2 Marching band X        
F2 Model UN X        
F2 Music ensembles X        
F2 Musical theater X        
F2 Opera          
F2 Pep band X        
F2 Radio station          
F2 Student government X        
F2 Student newspaper X        
F2 Student-run film society X        
F2 Symphony orchestra          
F2 Television station          
F2 Yearbook          
F3 ROTC (program offered in cooperation with Reserve Officers' Training Corps)  
F3   On Campus  At Cooperating   Institution  Name of Cooperating Institution
F3 Army ROTC is offered:      
F3 Naval ROTC is offered:      
F3 Air Force ROTC is offered:      
F4 Housing: Check all types of college-owned, -operated, or -affiliated housing available for undergraduates at your institution.  
F4 Coed dorms X        
F4 Men's dorms          
F4 Women's dorms          
F4 Apartments for married students          
F4 Apartments for single students X        
F4 Special housing for disabled students X        
F4 Special housing for international students          
F4 Fraternity/sorority   housing          
F4 Cooperative housing          
F4 Theme housing X        
F4 Wellness housing X        
F4 Other housing options (specify):          

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