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SVSU Common Data Set - 2012-2013


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A.  General Information





A0 Respondent Information (Not for Publication)    
  Name:   Amy Stepanski    
  Title:   Research Analyst    
  Office:   Wickes 160    
  Mailing Address:   7400 Bay Rd.    
  City/State/Zip/Country:   University   Center MI 48710    
  Phone:   989-964-4293    
  E-mail Address:    
  Are your responses to the CDS posted for reference on your institution's Web site? Yes No
  If yes, please provide the URL of the corresponding Web page:        
A0A We invite you to indicate if there are items on the CDS for which you cannot use the requested analytic convention, cannot provide data for the cohort requested, whose   methodology is unclear, or about which you have questions or comments in general. This information will not be published but will help the publishers further refine CDS items.    
A1 Address Information      
  Name of College/University: Saginaw Valley State University    
  Mailing Address: 7400 Bay Rd.    
  Street Address (if different):      
  Main Phone Number: 989-964-4000    
  WWW Home Page Address:    
  Admissions Phone Number: 989-964-4200    
  Admissions Toll-Free Phone Number:      
  Admissions Office Mailing Address: 7400 Bay Rd. Wickes 178    
  City/State/Zip/Country: University Center MI 48710    
  Admissions Fax Number:      
  Admissions E-mail Address:    
  If there is a separate URL for   your school’s online application, please specify: ______________    
  If you have a mailing address   other than the above to which applications should be sent, please provide:         
A2 Source of institutional control (Check only one):    
  Public X      
  Private (nonprofit)        
A3 Classify your undergraduate institution:      
  Coeducational college X      
  Men's college        
  Women's college        
A4 Academic year calendar:        
  Semester X      
  Differs by program (describe):        
  Other (describe):        
A5 Degrees offered by your institution:        
  Transfer Associate        
  Terminal Associate        
  Bachelor's X      
  Post-bachelor's certificate        
  Master's X      
  Post-master's certificate X      
  Doctoral degree
  Doctoral degree   –
  professional practice
  Doctoral degree -- other        
  Doctoral degree -- other        


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