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Clinical Placement Procedure

The last semester for Medical Laboratory Science students is 23 weeks in a clinical setting. Students are expected to notify the department one semester prior to when they wish to begin their clinical experience. To be eligible for clinical placement, students must have completed all prerequisite courses and must have met the criteria for the professional phase of the program. Placement slots are divided between two semesters in the year; one starting in the Winter semester and one starting in the Summer semester. The student’s placement slot will be determined by the Program Director.

Step 1 — Submit Preferences.

In the second semester of professional courses, students will be asked to submit their top 3 preferences for placement.  There is no guarantee that these requests can be honored however, every effort will be made to do so.

Step 2 — Gather Required Documentation.

During this same semester, students subscribe to the Immunization Tracker and upload documentation required by SVSU and/or the clinical affiliate, such as:
a. Proof of Health Insurance
b. Immunization history
c. Drug screen as required

STEP 3 - Complete a background check. 
A Certified Background check must be provided prior to the start of the clinical practicum.  SVSU provides access to a certified background check program for the students.  It is the student's responsibility to order the background check prior to the start of the practicum.

Upon acceptance to the formal MLS program in the Fall semester, students are required to assess their legal history to determine if any relevant misdemeanors or felonies exist.  Any concern must be communicated to the Program Director immediately so that a preliminary background check can be performed prior to the start of the program.

All fees associated with the background check, immunization tracker, and drug screens are the student's responsibility.

Refer to the MLS Program Handbook for more information on the Clinical Placement Procedure, background checks and immunization requirements.

If Clinical Placement Cannot Be Guaranteed

The program admits only the number of students for which there is an adequate number of clinical placement slots.

However, should a situation exist where there are more students than available clinical places, the following criteria will be used to rank the students for placement. Those students who are denied placement for that semester will be offered a placement slot in the following year.

1. GPA in professional courses
2.75-2.99 = .25
3.00-3.49 = .50
3.50-3.79 = .75
3.8-4.0 = 1.0

2. Laboratory performance in MLS courses
Psychomotor Objectives
Affective Objectives

3. Overall SVSU GPA
2.75-2.99 = .25
3.00-3.49 = .50
3.50-3.79 = .75
3.79-4.0 = 1.0

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