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Application Procedure

MLS Application 2023-24 (114KB)

MLS Reference Form (86KB)

MLS Verification of Policies (98KB)

Declaration of a Medical Laboratory Science major is open to students who meet general requirements for admission to Saginaw Valley State University. Formal application for admission to the upper division (professional phase) courses of the Medical Laboratory Science program is required prior to registering for MLS professional courses.

The professional phase of the medical laboratory science program begins formally each Winter semester. Preparation for admission to the MLS program consists of completing the required general education courses and the program prerequisites.

Admission to SVSU is required for, but does not guarantee, acceptance into the MLS program. The program is planned to accommodate a limited number students each year; this number may vary depending on available clinical affiliates.

Applications for admission to the professional program by prospective students will be accepted between September 15th and October 15th preceding the winter semester admission. 

Admission Criteria

The following admission criteria are required of all applicants and will be used to rank applicants to determine acceptance to the program:

  • Complete a minimum of 4 semesters of credits or prerequisite course work prior to admission to the program.
  • Achieve a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.75 for all pre-professional coursework
  • Meet all MLS Essential Functions
  • Submit a completed application available from the program director.
    • Ranking as follows (Maximum points is 5):

1. Overall GPA

2.6-2.74 =              .25

2.75-2.99 =           .50

3.0-3.49 =             .75

3.5-4.0 =               1.0

2. Science GPA (to include required Math, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and previous MLS courses)

2.00-2.49 =           .25

2.50-2.74 =           .50

2.75-2.99 =           .75

3.0-4.0 =              1.0

3. Quantity of Science Courses (Does not include courses with D, F, W, or I)

(Includes relevant Math, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and MLS courses)

<10 =      0

10-12 = .25

13-15 = .5

16-18 = .75

19-21 = 1.0

4. Recommendations or Experience – Since experience is related to recommendations, these are averaged for one number.

                Recommendations:                  None = 0

                                                                Poor =    .25

                                                                Ave. =     .5

                                                                Good =   .75

                                                                Exc. =      1.0


                Experience:                             None =   0

                                                                Health setting exp = .25

                                                                Non-clinical but biotech/research/lab = .5

                                                                Clinical Lab 6 months PT = .75

                                                                PT-FT recent clin lab exp (>1yr) = 1.0


5. Performance in MLS 200 (cognitive and affective)

                Cognitive: Final grade or grade at midterm

                                A =          .50

                                B =          .25

                                C =          0

Affective evaluation by instructor based on acceptable performance in the following categories (0.10 each):

Attendance & Punctuality


Assignments submitted on time




6.  Evaluation of Essay

Meets content requirements, supports SVSU MLS Mission, and demonstrates appropriate writing skills.

7.  Personal Interview with MLS and HS faculty

Note:  International Students must also submit:

  • International transcript/degree evaluation by World Education Service (or equivalent) and SVSU
  • Official results of the TOEFL; criteria: (580 paper/ 92 internet) or IELTS test (band 7.0)



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Program Director

Margot Alvey, MS