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Prepare an IRB Application Package

Prepare an IRB Application Package

Investigators whose projects require IRB approval need to complete the following steps:

  1. Obtain a human subjects research ethics training certificate.  The principal investigator, co-investigators, and advisers (if applicable) need to submit their human subjects research ethics training certificates with their IRB application. Click Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) Program to learn certification requirements and how to access required training.
  2. Register at portal is how the SVSU IRB reviews and approves all applications. All research team members and advisers must register.
  3. Download applicable forms and templates needed for the IRB proposal. Click on Forms to access the application form (also known as the Request for Project Approval or RPA), consent form templates, and other helpful documents needed for the application.
  4. Complete proposal off-line.  Each document that will be part of your IRB package should be completed separately. A typical package may include: an application form (RPA), informed consent document, questionnaire or interview script, data collection tool, recruitment flyer or email, and training certificates.  Each project package will be different, but the IRB wants to see all tools and communications associated with the study. Documents must be submitted as they will be used or presented in the research.  The Checklist for Submitting New Projects (27KB) may help investigators prepare a complete package.

Once all of the steps above are completed, go to Submit IRB Proposal to learn how to use IRBNet to submit your proposal.

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