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Responsibilities of PI

Responsibilities :

  • The PI has primary responsibility for all aspects of the protection of human participants on a given project, including compliance with all Federal and University policies and procedures, and that all research associates involved in a PI’s project also comply with said regulations, policies, procedures and guidelines.


  • Applications shall be reviewed by the IRB in accordance with the ethical principles described in the Belmont Report, federal regulations, and University policy.
  • When protocols are submitted, the IRB shall review the application as specified in the policy, barring any unforeseen and/or insurmountable problems.
  • All decisions of the IRB shall be conveyed to the PI in writing (electronically or otherwise).
  • The PI may consult with the IRB Chairperson or designee if he or she is unclear about the rationale for its decisions or if any questions arise at any time related to the application or approved protocol.

Responsibilities of the PI upon Leaving the University:
When a PI plans to leave the University and continue the research activities at another institution, she or he must notify the IRB in writing.  This will allow the IRB to close the active research file.  The PI is responsible for obtaining IRB approval at the new institution.  If the research project will continue at the University under another investigator, the PI must submit written notification of such changes, and the IRB will follow the review guidelines set forth in this policy.

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