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Obtain a human subjects research ethics training certificate.  The principal investigator, co-investigators, and advisers (if applicable) need to submit their human subjects research ethics training certificates with their IRB application. 

Visit to register for a new Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI Program) account.

Most investigators should complete either the "Biomedical Research Investigators" or the "Social & Behavioral Research Investigators" curriculum, depending on the type of research conducted (click How to access Basic and Refresher Courses in CITI (16KB) to learn how to access courses required for IRB review).  Investigators who are conducting FDA research should also complete "Good Clinical Practice" curriculum.  Additional curricula, such as "Students conducting no more than minimal research" and "Research with data or laboratory specimens only" might be useful for introducing students to ethical research issues, but do not qualify as sufficient training for human-subjects research undergoing IRB review. Those who wish to know more about the IRB, are contemplating serving on the IRB, or are actively serving on the IRB should complete the "IRB Members" curriculum.

The CITI Program also contains modules that may be useful to those teaching either a research methods course or a clinical practicum.  Other means of training may also be acceptable.  Please contact the IRB Chair at (989) 964-7488, or the IRB Coordinator at (989) 964-7488, if you wish to meet the training requirement in an alternative manner.

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