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Confidential Information

Protection of Confidential Information:

The PI is responsible for ensuring the privacy and confidentiality of all personally identifiable information from research participants, except as required by law (e.g., child abuse) or allowed with written permission of the research subject.  This information may be contained in either electronic or hard copy formats. When appropriate, the informed consent document should outline those conditions under which data are not considered confidential (e.g., child abuse). 

Data collection and storage, and safeguards to ensure confidentiality must be delineated by the PI in the procedures portion of the application to the IRB. 

University Access to Confidential Records:

The University has the right of access to the supporting records for all research at the University or supported by University-sponsored funds, provided such access to the records shall be for reasonable cause, at reasonable times, and after reasonable notice. The University's right of access to the data shall continue regardless of the location of the responsible investigator. Information or data that would violate the confidentiality of sources or participants involved in the research should not be disclosed. Extramural sponsors providing support for research at the University may also have the right to review the data and records resulting from that extramural support.

Co-investigators and trainees who are an integral part of a research project have the right to review all records and data which are part of that project.

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