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New projects submitted to SVSU’s IRB go through the following steps:

  1. The IRB Manager reviews each package for completeness.
  2. Incomplete packages are unlocked to allow the investigator(s) to make corrections.
  3. Complete packages are forwarded to the IRB Chair for initial review.
  4. The Chair decides what level of review – exempt, expedited or full board - the project will receive.  (See Levels of IRB Review for more information.)
  5. IRB reviewers are assigned to projects. Researchers receive an Acknowledgement letter indicating the type of review their project will receive and the name(s) of the reviewer(s).
    1. Exempt Reviews are usually conducted by the IRB Chair.
    2. Expedited Reviews are assigned to one IRB member and are conducted within 10 business days.
    3. Full Board Reviews are reviewed by a quorum of the IRB on the 3rd Friday of the month to which the project is assigned. A primary and a secondary reviewer are assigned to each project undergoing full board review to guide the discussion during the meeting.
  6. Projects requiring Full Board Review must be submitted by 1 PM on the first Friday of the month to be placed on that month’s agenda.

After a new project is submitted and reviewed, it may need to be modified before approval. Modified documents must be submitted in a subsequent package (packages cannot be unlocked once they have undergone review). See Modify/Amend IRB Application for more information.

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IRB Chair

Elizabeth Roe

IRB Manager

Melissa Woodward


Wickes 314


Upcoming Meeting: Third Friday of the Month
Submission Deadline: First Friday of the Month