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Project Modifications/Amendments

After a project is reviewed, it may need to be modified/amended before it can be approved.  The IRB Manager will contact the researcher/research team via IRBNet to let them know that the first review has been completed and that modifications are necessary. The Manager publishes the Reviewer’s Worksheet and any additional documents that the reviewer wishes to share with the research team.  Modified documents need to be submitted via IRBNet in a subsequent package.  To create a subsequent package, click on "Create a New Package" located just below the Project History Link on the left toolbar within the package.  Before submitting a modified package:

  1. Be sure to address all items noted on the Reviewer’s Worksheet.
  2. Contact the reviewer if you have questions or are not clear about what needs to be addressed.
  3. Upload modified documents in a subsequent package.
  4. All investigators and advisers (if applicable) must review and sign the package.
  5. Submit the package to the SVSU IRB.

As a courtesy to the reviewer, please submit your modified package as soon as possible. Contact the IRB Manager if you wish to withdraw your project from the IRB review process.

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