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Injury/Incident Reporting Process

Any incident on SVSU property or an employee’s work involving an injury or illness must be reported as soon as reasonably possible, no matter how minor an injury may appear and regardless of whether the injured or exposed person received medical attention. 

In the event of ANY medical emergency call 911. SVSU employees are not permitted to transport any injured/ill individual. 


Students, Contractors or Visitors Injuries/Illnesses

In the event of an injury/illness incident involving students, contractors or visitors the witnessing employee/responsible department must complete the Non-employee Incident Report (238KB)  obtaining the injured or exposed party’s statement.  All completed incident reports are to be submitted to SVSU’s Business Services


Employee Injuries/Illnesses

An employee must immediately report any work-related injury/illness regardless of the severity to:

  • The employee’s immediate supervisor. The supervisor will be responsible for notifying the Office of Human Resources of the employee’s injury/illness.
  • SVSU’s Workers’ Compensation Carrier, Accident Fund @ 866-323-4227. For Acciden't Fund's TeleCompCare Contact Number and SVSU Employer ID go to: Accident Fund TeleCompCare Flow Chart (107KB)


Please refer to Injury/Illness Incident Response and Reporting 2.1-3 for additional information on the protocol.


Office of Human Resources
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Employment & Hiring
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