Injury/Incident Reporting Process

The injury/incident report form must be submitted within 24 hours of the occurrence and applies to all employees, students, contractors and visitors on campus, whether or not the injured or exposed person received medical attention. 

The incident report must be accurately completed and signed by both the injured or exposed party and his/her supervisor. If the injured or exposed party is not an SVSU employee, the University Police should sign the incident report. Should it be difficult to obtain the injured or exposed person's signed portion, departments should submit the supervisor's or Police statement immediately, and the injured or exposed party's statement as soon as it's available.

Non-Employee Injury or Illness

Incidents involving non-employees, complete the Non-employee Incident Report (238KB)  and submit to Business Services, South Campus A, retaining a copy for the department's files.

Employee Injury or Illness

In the event of an employee accident, incident or exposure, the injured or exposed person's supervisor must complete an‌ SVSU Employee Incident Form (313KB) and submit to Human Resources, Wickes Hall 373.

Injury Involving a Sharp Object - MI/OSHA requires additional reporting, hence complete and submit the Sharps Injury Log (154KB) in addition to the appropriate incident documentation noted above.

Please refer to Injury or Illness at Work Policy 2.1-3  for additional information on the protocol.


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