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Healthcare Quality & Safety Minor

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The Healthcare Quality & Safety Minor at SVSU offers a deep dive into the essential principles and practices needed to enhance healthcare delivery and patient outcomes. This interdisciplinary program combines coursework from healthcare management, public health, and patient safety to prepare students for the challenges and opportunities in today’s healthcare industry.

By pursuing this minor, students gain a competitive edge in the job market and broaden their career prospects in healthcare-related fields. Graduates with this minor are well-prepared for roles focused on improving healthcare processes, ensuring patient safety, and enhancing overall healthcare quality.

Career paths for graduates include positions in healthcare organizations, government agencies, research institutions, and consulting firms. Potential job roles include healthcare quality analyst, patient safety coordinator, healthcare compliance officer, healthcare risk manager, and quality improvement specialist. These professionals play a critical role in promoting patient safety, optimizing healthcare systems, and implementing evidence-based practices to elevate the quality of care.

For more information please contact Christine Noller, JD., LLM, Associate Professor, Health Science,

Cardinal Points

  • Adding this minor to your major gives you an edge in the job market, with skills in improving patient outcomes and ensuring safe healthcare environments.

  • SVSU’s healthcare programs are highly regarded, with graduates sought after by employers for their exceptional education and practical experience.

  • SVSU offers excellent opportunities for hands-on experience in regional healthcare facilities, enhancing your skills and employability.

Completing a Healthcare Quality & Safety Minor opens up diverse career opportunities. Students can work in hospitals, healthcare systems, consulting firms, or government agencies. Roles include quality improvement specialists, risk managers, and patient safety coordinators.

Internships and networking with industry professionals offer valuable experience and connections. Obtaining certifications like the Certified Professional in Healthcare Quality (CPHQ) can further enhance credentials and job prospects.

The Healthcare Quality & Safety Minor is perfect for students in the Public Health/Health Administration track and other majors who dream of making a real difference in healthcare. This exciting 18-credit minor offers five cutting-edge courses that align with the prestigious National Association for Healthcare Quality’s (NAHQ) Healthcare Competency Framework. You'll gain invaluable knowledge and skills, and the program culminates with an immersive Capstone Field Experience in dynamic hospital and clinic settings.

This 18 credit Healthcare Quality & Safety Minor Curriculum includes:

  • HS 343 - Health Quality Leadership & Integration (3 credits)
  • HS 344 - Population Health and Care Transitions (3 credits)
  • HS 345 - Health Quality Data Analytics (3 credits)
  • HS 422 - Health Quality Improvement & Patient Safety (3 credits)
  • HS 423 - Health Quality Review, Reg & Accreditation (3 credits)
  • HS 424 - Field Experience in Health Quality & Safety (3 credits)

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