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Simulation Lab West

Room: H112D

The Simulation Lab West is available to all Health and Human Services students.

Simulation Lab West (H112D) is designed as a single patient room. This room can accommodate the high-fidelity simulators SimMan Classic and SimBaby. This area can be transformed to mimic a primary care office or clinic, ICU, or Medical-Surgical patient room.  A one-way mirror separates the simulation room from a control room where the faculty observe student performance and adjust the simulator responses.

Meet: SimMan
Manikin Simulator in Simulation Lab West

SimMan is a realistic, life-size interactive adult simulator used for the education of healthcare professionals.  SimMan can breathe, speak, and has a heartbeat. The manikin can be utilized for starting IV’s, giving injections, and CPR training.      

SimMan 3G picture on this page attributed to Laerdal at

Features and pictures on this page attributed to Laerdal at

Other Equipment

The West Simulation Lab also features other equipment to simulate a patient room:

  • patient vital sign monitor
  • headwalls with suction and simulated oxygen (air)
  • IV pumps
  • code cart
  • patient care supply cart
  • computer to access electronic health record
  • phone
  • whiteboard
  • audio/video recording equipment

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Marcia Mastracci Ditmyer, PhD., M.B.A., M.S.

Acting Assistant Dean

Catherine A. Macomber, PhD., LMSW

Acting Assistant Dean

Jeremy Knous, PhD.


Health & Human Services Dean's Office, H260
University Center, MI-48710


8:00 am - 4:30 pm