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Debriefing Rooms

Rooms: H106C, H106D, H112B

The Debriefing Rooms are available to all Health and Human Services students.

The Simulation Center has three debriefing rooms (H106C, H106D, H112B). These are multi-purpose rooms that are utilized for simulation debriefing, small group meetings, student remediation, simulation and skills training.

Meet: Chester ChestTM
Chester Chest Manikin Simulator in the Patient Care Units

Chester Chestâ„¢ makes it possible to teach and practice the infusion, withdrawal, care, securement and dressings of vascular access lines (PICC, port, central lines).

Chester Chest features and the picture are attributed to VATA at

Chester Chest features and the picture above are attributed to VATA at

Other Simulators: Advanced IV Training Arm

Advanced IV Training Arm is designed for essential training in the procedures of venipuncture, IV, blood collection, infusion, and intravenous injection training.


Each room is equipped with:

  • flexible seating
  • a white board
  • a flat panel video display
  • student observation capabilities
  • audio/video recording equipment
  • wireless internet

Contact Us
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Marcia Mastracci Ditmyer, PhD., M.B.A., M.S.

Acting Assistant Dean

Catherine A. Macomber, PhD., LMSW

Acting Assistant Dean

Jeremy Knous, PhD.


Health & Human Services Dean's Office, H260
University Center, MI-48710


8:00 am - 4:30 pm