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Join the Black Studies Research Team!

Have an idea for an independent research project or interested in working as a research assistant with Black Studies faculty?

Within its mission, Black Studies emphasizes scholarly inquiry and production which demonstrates and applies knowledge, creativity, and analysis. In Introduction to Black Studies, Maulana Karenga states, “… the commitment to learning is based on the conception of knowledge which values knowledge not simply for knowledge sake, but rather knowledge for human sake. ln a word, knowledge is considered important not simply to enjoy oneself or even simply get a job, but because of its value and role in improving the human condition and enhancing the human prospect or human future.” (Karenga, Introduction to Black Studies, 7-8) Key to this mission is the demonstration, application, and implementation of knowledge.

The Black Studies Research Team supports research projects that reflect this focus and mission.

To join the Black Studies Research Team and for additional information and opportunities for research, contact Dr. Jolly, Black Studies Chairperson,

Contact Us

(989) 964-4062(989) 964-4062


Marc H. Peretz, D.M.A.

Associate Dean

Carlos Ramet, Ph.D.


Wickes 357


8:00 a.m.-4:30 p.m.