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Support from the Support Staff Association

September 27, 2019

Dear Support Staff Association Member:

In a short amount of time, you will be receiving information about a Climate Study that will be going on here at SVSU.  It’s called the Cardinal Campus Survey. This survey is meant to “hear the voices of our students, faculty, staff and administrators; value all opinions; and validate the input from each member of the campus community in ways that are respectful and affect positive change.” This survey is being done by an outside company and all responses are kept confidential. 

The Cardinal Climate Survey is how we will assess how all members of our community experience the current campus climate. The goals of this project include: 1) identifying successful initiatives; 2) uncovering any challenges facing members of our community; and 3) developing strategic initiatives to build on the successes and address the challenges.

It has been many a few years since SVSU has done a climate survey, so please make sure your voice is heard. This is your opportunity to describe your personal experiences and observations, and to offer suggestions for change that might enhance the SVSU campus climate.

I urge you to take the 20-30 minutes it takes to complete this survey and fill it out as accurately and as honestly as possible. I have been assured that everything you say will be kept confidential and anonymous.  The University is fully behind this project and all managers have been asked to work with their bargaining unit members to make sure everyone has time, on work time, to complete this survey. 

If you feel you don’t have the time or the opportunity to fill out this survey, please contact me so I can make sure you have the same opportunity as everyone else to have your voice heard.

Thank you in advance for participating.


Kathleen Chantaca-Kubczak
SVSU Support Staff Association, MEA/NEA