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Mike Mosher

Professor of Art/Communication Media Administration
Studio 103

(989) 964-4977

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TEDx SVSU talk "The Three C's of Design" (2015):

Ongoing interest: the interface, shared ethics and aesthetics of Community murals, Cyberspace (digital communications technology, especially mobile) and Comics.



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Mike Mosher


Mike Mosher, originally of Ann Arbor, attended Dartmouth College then studied with Detroit muralist Jon Onye Lockard.  He moved to San Francisco and taught art in a Tenderloin community center until his Holly Courts Housing Development murals led to employment as the last CETA-funded Community Muralist for the San Francisco Art Commission.  Meanwhile, he further studied painting, then completed a Master of Fine Arts in Conceptual Design from San Francisco State University.  A dozen San Francisco murals Mike painted in his 20s were obliterated by age 33, but his work in illustration, design and computer graphics led to three years as a Senior Graphic Designer at Apple.  This was followed by interface design for IBM Almaden Research Center, Adaptec, Metatec and internet hardware manufacturer Cisco Systems, while exhibiting his own muralized interactive fine art hypertext kiosks.
MIke began teaching at SVSU, with an appointment in the Art Department and the Communication Multimedia graduate program in 2000.  Among various publications, his is lead author of a textbook on Web design; a semester in Japan led him to co-author and illustrate two textbooks teaching English using song lyrics, published there in 2005 and 2008.  George Orwell illustrated by David Smith, Illustrated by Mike Mosher, was published in 2018.

 Current Exhibition - 2016:

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