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RoShawndra Opara

February 2024

RoShawndra Opara


RoShawndra Opara is a newly retired educator from Saginaw Public Schools, where she spent 30-plus years. She was a teaching assistant when she began attending SVSU to get her bachelor's degree in Elementary Education (English and Math minors) with an early childhood education endorsement to become a teacher. RoShawndra loved her time with the students and encourages other teachers to "stay inspired and know that educating students is worth it, because you are making lasting impacts in students' lives."

Life Before & Attending SVSU

RoShawndra is a Saginaw Native who has worked in schools for over 30 years. She has worked as a custodian, sub secretary, switchboard operator, lunch aide, after the bell director, sub Teacher, Pre-K Teacher, Literacy Coach, Site Supervisor, Summer School Principal, ISS Teacher (High school), and Title I Teacher. She started her first permanent position as a Pre-K Teaching Assistant at Chester Miller Elementary. She then decided to get her bachelor's degree in Education and become a teacher.

While at SVSU, RoShawndra loved the small class sizes and the cohort setup of the program. She also enjoyed the field hours, as it let her see different classrooms and diverse school districts that she had not experienced before. RoShawndra worked full-time as a TA while earning her bachelor's degree, getting double the classroom time.

Life After SVSU

After graduating from SVSU with her bachelor's degree, RoShawndra began teaching full-time in Saginaw while also earning her two Master's degrees, as well as an additional certificate. She has worked in many of the Saginaw Public Schools throughout her teaching career: Longfellow, Webber, Heavenrich, Arthur Eddy, Stone, Chester Miller, Jessie Rouse, and Saginaw High School, to name just a few! Her favorite part of her job is connecting with the students and always being there for them.

RoShawndra retired from teaching in October 2023 after 30 years plus years as an Educator. She is currently a Doctoral Candidate at the University of Michigan- Flint. RoShawndra advises new teachers to "stay inspired and know that it is worth the work because you are making lasting impacts in students' lives."

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