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Raymond Deeren

September 2023

Alum Highlight


Meet Raymond Deeren, an accomplished professor, author, and proud alumnus of SVSU. As a first-generation college graduate with a Ph.D. in English, he is passionate about nurturing the minds of young students who remind him of his own early days. This month, he celebrates the release of his book, "Enough To Lose".

Life at SVSU

Initially intending to become a high school history teacher, Raymond's academic journey took an unexpected turn at SVSU. It was here that he realized writing could be more than just a hobby; it could be his vocation. His creative pursuits flourished as he had several short stories and poems published in the Cardinal Sins publication.

SVSU became the perfect ground for Raymond to gain confidence and embrace opportunities while striking the perfect balance between feeling secure and tackling challenges. As an outstanding accomplishment, Raymond received the English Department Distinguished Graduate Award during his senior year – an honor bestowed upon only a few students per year.

Life Beyond SVSU

Raymond has embraced his role as a creative writing professor at Austin Peay State University in Tennessee. The institution's similarities to SVSU foster its strong commitment to commuter and first-generation college students—values that resonate deeply with Raymond's own experiences.

In addition to being a professor, Raymond is also a fiction writer, and he feels that his history major has helped with his writing to fill in the context of his work. SVSU also connected him to his literary agent, the two of them met in the creative writing program at SVSU. His book, “Enough To Lose,” just came out this month!

In his free time, Raymond enjoys hiking and is currently exploring as many caves in Tennessee as he can. He also enjoys gardening and floating on the river behind his house. He also makes sure to come back to Michigan every fall to take part in deer hunting season.

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