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Kesha Montgomery

July 2023

Kesha Montgomery


Kesha Montgomery is a Saginaw native who graduated from SVSU with a degree in Criminal Justice and a minor in Communications in 2011. When she first started, her career goal was to become a Criminal Defense Attorney. She was passionate about advocacy and helping others, not knowing the exact path destiny would lead her. Kesha now owns Keys of the Kingdom; a consulting firm started with her best friend and business partner, Amanda Weston, that offers end-to-end business solutions for brand-new startups and well-established companies. She helps individuals start their businesses by securing the proper licensure, grant funding, and other business services. Kesha also works with well-established companies to perform market research to help them define their target market and develop business strategies. Recently, she has added another business service that works with individuals to help them discover and walk in their purpose, and her favorite part of her job is helping others achieve their entrepreneurial goals!

While at SVSU

Kesha transferred to SVSU from Delta College. She majored in Criminal Justice and joined the Law Club. She visited Chicago with the Law Club to tour several law schools and loved the experience. Kesha also credits SVSU for helping her to come out of her shell.

Life After SVSU

After graduating from SVSU, Kesha’s career path rerouted, so she decided to go to graduate school to earn her master’s degree in Administration from Central Michigan University. She worked in banking for approximately ten years before switching her career field to education. She worked in the Early Childhood Department at Saginaw Public Schools for two years. Then she was hired by the Saginaw Intermediate School District, where she currently works as the Human Resources Coordinator. She found her love for administration working for the school district.

Keys of the Kingdom Consulting

Two years ago, Kesha started her own business, Keys of the Kingdom Consulting, where she helps individuals and companies by offering business coaching, business services, and purpose coaching. Her goal is the help individuals walk in their kingdom purpose. She has taken her past experiences and uses the lessons that she’s learned as a framework to help others propel their future.

Kesha has helped many individuals find their path in life personally and professionally. She says, “Life has a way of throwing you curve balls, and it’s okay to shift and change directions.” You can’t control everything in life, so sometimes you just need to stop, take a deep breath, look at things from a different perspective, and then lean into the change. Her favorite scripture is Proverbs 3:5-6 “Trust in the Lord with all your heart; do not depend on your own understanding. Seek His will in all you do, and He will show you which path to take.” She and her business partner have written two self-help books on Amazon for people looking to succeed: the “Write the Vision” business journal and the “Write the Vision” notebook.

When not working, she serves on the Bridgeport Library Board as the treasurer and is very active in her church, “Christ Deliverance Center Ministries.” Kesha serves as the Public Relations Director and runs the annual “Breaking the Silence” Community Forum. Each year, the church picks a different topic to talk to the community about to bridge the gap between the church and the community.

Kesha has always known she was passionate about advocacy but didn’t know what to do with it until she founded Keys of the Kingdom Consulting with her business partner. She is most proud of her willingness to overcome her fears in order to step out on faith so that she can walk in her purpose while challenging others to do the same.

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