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Jake Parcell

January 2024

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Meet Jake Parcell, an accomplished SVSU alumnus from the class of 2014 who went on to earn his Ph.D. in Planning, Design, and Construction at Michigan State University. Today, he serves as the City Planner & City Development Manager for Sterling Heights. Despite his busy schedule, Jake cherishes his connection with fellow SVSU alumni and faculty. In fact, he even teamed up with SVSU Professor Erik Trump to author the book "The Architecture of Survival: Study of Politics in Apocalyptic Films."

Life at SVSU

When Jake embarked on his academic journey at SVSU, where he was awarded the President’s Scholarship, his initial goal was to become a lawyer. Under the influential mentorship of Professor Erik Trump, Jake's career trajectory took a turn; he pursued a degree in Political Science. This shift allowed him to delve into research and expand his writing capabilities. In 2014, he graduated from SVSU and later attended Michigan State University to obtain his Master's and Ph.D. in Urban Planning.

Commuting to SVSU, Jake desired a sense of connection to the campus. To achieve this, he immersed himself in various student organizations, including Phi Kappa Tau fraternity and Model UN. He studied abroad in Amsterdam and Germany during his junior year. Jake also held positions at the Financial Aid and Foundation Offices on campus. One of his fondest experiences was working during orientation, where he eagerly shared insights about life at SVSU with incoming students.

Life Beyond SVSU

After earning his master’s degree from Michigan State University, Jake was a City Planner for Flint and East Lansing while returning to school for a PhD in Planning, Design, and Construction. Jake is now the City Planner & City Development Manager for Sterling Heights. His favorite part of the job is interacting with the public and working with them to find solutions to problems.

Throughout the years, Jake has maintained a close relationship with Professor Trump, with whom he co-wrote a captivating book titled "The Architecture of Survival: Study of Politics in Apocalyptic Films." Apart from his career and writing pursuits, Jake is passionately dedicated to his role as the Executive Director of Scenic Michigan, a nonprofit organization focused on preserving and enhancing Michigan's breathtaking landscapes. He also cherishes the bonds formed at SVSU and frequently attends events like Detroit Lions games in Tampa alongside his fellow alumni. Jake is married and has a 9month old child that supports SVSU by rocking an SVSU onesie whenever possible!

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