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Graciela Delgado

June 2023

Graciela Delgado


Graciela Delgado, a 2023 graduate, has always been passionate about education. She has been working in schools since 1995 and has found that teaching and guiding students is where she belongs. She started her Master of Education- Principalship in 2021 when she was 59 years old because she knew this was the best way for her to have a positive impact on kids' lives'.


For her final project for her degree, Graciela created the Pathways to Success Career Night at Bridgeport High School. The event was created for students to learn about different career options available in the Great Lakes Bay area. Representatives from over 20 careers came to the career night to support the students and made the night a success!


Graciela goes above and beyond when she is passionate about something, and she is passionate about her students.

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