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Devin Smith

March 2024

Devin Smith Graduation



Meet Devin Smith, a 2023 SVSU graduate who majored in Marketing and minored in Management. Devin's plans for his life at SVSU took a turn with the start of the COVID pandemic, but he found what he wanted to do through this and is pursuing a career in marketing for record labels, along with making his own music. You can listen to Devin's music on SoundCloud.

Life at SVSU

Devin chose to attend SVSU because he liked the campus and the dorms. He majored in marketing and minored in Management. Devin was attending SVSU in 2020 when COVID-19 started, and that changed a lot of his plans for his life on campus. He went home to Flint for online classes until the fall of 2020. He worked at Papa John's throughout his time at SVSU; he was part of a club hockey team but stopped with COVID-19 and did not get back into the sport once he returned to campus.

Plans for after SVSU

Devin graduated in 2023 and has plans to move to Nashville in the fall of 2024. His goal is to work in marketing for a big record label; this would combine his degree with his love of music. Devin began creating his own music at SVSU and doesn't plan to stop anytime soon. His goal in making his own music is to inspire others; he uses music when he is down, and he wants others to do the same with his music. He had dreamed of making music since high school and wished he had started pursuing it earlier. His advice to other college students is to pursue their dreams; he has begun pursuing his and loves doing it.

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