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Derrek Humphries

January 2024

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Derrek attended SVSU knowing that he wanted to be a doctor. He was very active on campus and attended St. George’s University in the Caribbean where he studied to become an internal medicine doctor. He is currently finishing his third year at CMU Internal Medicine and planning his wedding that is taking place this month!

Life at SVSU

Derrek learned about SVSU through an admission’s officer at his high school, Nic Taylor, the current Executive Director of the Alumni Relations Office. Derrek's journey to becoming a doctor began at Saginaw Valley State University, fueled by a burning passion for medicine and inspiration drawn from the TV show Scrubs. At SVSU, his academic pursuits were ambitious, with double majors in Health Science and Biology, coupled with a minor in Chemistry. Derrek’s campus life was vibrant, marked by his active involvement in the TKE fraternity, Peer Health Education, and the Pre-Health Club. He also balanced a mix of on-campus and off-campus jobs, showcasing a work ethic as strong as his academic dedication.

Medical School

Derrek's path then led him to the sun-kissed shores of the Caribbean at St. George’s University, a decision influenced heavily by his mentor Heidi Lang's invaluable guidance. Trading the familiar for the new, Derrek embraced his first experience outside the United States with an eager spirit, immersing himself in medical knowledge for two years before heading to the front lines of healthcare at St. John’s Hospital in Detroit for his two years in clinical. There, amid the unprecedented trials of the COVID pandemic, Derrek faced some of the most demanding challenges the medical world has seen in decades.

Life Beyond SVSU

Fast forward to the present, Derrek is nearing the completion of his third year at CMU Internal Medicine, honing his skills as an internal medicine doctor. As he looks forward to graduating this June, Derrek also eagerly anticipates another major milestone – his wedding, set to take place this very month! In his free time Derrek enjoys video games, anime, exercising, and spending time with his soon-to-be-wife.

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