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Abby Engel

September 2023

Alum Highlight


Abby Engel is the Executive Director at Pet Angel Adoption & Rescue in Frankenmuth. She loves that her coworkers are cats! She works tirelessly to create a safe and fun environment for the cats and to find them great forever homes. Abby enjoys reading, listening to true crime podcasts, and going to the Crazy Quarters Arcade when she is not at work finding the best homes for the cats.

Life at SVSU

Abby was originally a Business major at Delta College and then decided to transfer to SVSU and change her major to Communications. She also minored in Professional and Technical Writing, and Abby says that this is the part of her degree she uses the most in her work. By using the skills she learned in Professional and Technical Writing, she makes the cats “Resume’s” to apply to be “your new house cat,” creates graphics for both print and online for events, fundraisers, and does all of the social media work for the cat rescue! She owes a lot of what she does today to her Professional and Technical Writing minor!

Abby was very involved in competitive cheerleading throughout college. She went to The Cheerleading Worlds in Disney World with her team in 2017. She also coached cheer at her cheer gym, and the team she coached made it to The Summit Championship in Disney World in 2018. Abby chose to miss commencement so that she could be with her team at worlds, and while there, the team put on a graduation ceremony for her!

Abby was also the Editor-in-Chief of the Odyssey Online, a community-like website for college creators and writers to share their listicles, deep thoughts and recent work, and turned the SVSU Odyssey Chapter into an official club! The club won an award for the best new organization under her tenure! When she looks back at her time at SVSU, she wonders how she had time for everything that she accomplished!

Life after SVSU

Abby was on the Bavarian Princess Court in 2018, when she graduated from SVSU, and she needed the summer off to perform her princess duties. The best job that would allow her to do this would be to work at the Pet Angel Adoption & Rescue for the summer. Abby’s parents started Pet Angel when she was in 3rd grade, and she grew up helping out there after school, on the weekends, and during holiday breaks. Abby says she learned a lot about empathy and service growing up at Pet Angel and caring for animals throughout her childhood.


Abby has been serving as Pet Angel’s Executive Director since 2018. She is responsible for intakes, adoptions, vet visits, ordering supplies, volunteers, and all online and print documentation, just to name a few. Abby and her mom, Nancy Engel, are the only two full-time employees, and she’s happy to not only give back to the cats at Pet Angel, but to do it along side her mom!

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