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Mission - To foster the growth of effective literacy instruction by creating a university/school partnership that empowers all learners (pre-service, in-service teachers, school leaders and academy students) to receive a quality education.

Vision - To provide an opportunity for pre-service/in-service teachers, and elementary students to build intentional relationships centered on high quality literacy instruction, assessment, and partnerships.


  • SVSU – College of Education TE Department (represented by Dr. Colleen D’Arcy and JoAnne West)
  • SVSU – School/University Partnership Office (represented by Dr. Lewis)
  • Saginaw Preparatory Academy (represented by Crystal Mills and Kate Scheid)

As this feedback underscores, programs like the Reading Lab support shaping the next generation of skilled and compassionate educators. Let’s delve into the insights shared by these future educators:

Hands-On Learning: Many students expressed gratitude for the hands-on experience they receive at SPA. Working directly with students one-on-one provides an opportunity to apply classroom learning in real-time scenarios. This approach not only reinforces theoretical knowledge but also nurtures practical teaching skills.

Immediate Application: The ability to apply assessment techniques immediately after learning them is highlighted as a significant advantage. Students mentioned feeling more confident in directing assessments in other settings, thanks to the practice they get at SPA. This immediate application fosters a deeper understanding of assessment strategies and their practical implications.

Individualized Attention: Working individually with students allows for a tailored approach to teaching and assessment. This personalized interaction provides insights into each student's strengths and areas needing improvement, enabling future educators to better address their needs in the classroom.

Professional Preparation: Several students emphasized how their time at SPA prepares them for their future careers. The experience gained through working with students in a school setting reinforces their passion for teaching and affirms their career choice. Additionally, it equips them with essential skills and confidence needed to excel in the teaching profession.

Challenges and Opportunities: While students appreciate the benefits of the SPA Reading Lab, some logistical challenges were noted, such as transportation and class timing. However, the overwhelmingly positive feedback indicates that the benefits of the program far outweigh these challenges.

Community Engagement: The partnership between SVSU and SPA is celebrated as a mutually beneficial opportunity. Students appreciate the supportive environment at SPA and the chance to establish connections with both students and educators in the community.

In conclusion, the Reading Lab at SPA offers hands-on experience, immediate application of learning, and individualized attention, so future educators are better equipped to make a positive impact in the lives of their future students.

SPA Liiteracy Lab Classroom


School/University Partnership Office
Office Location: Gilbertson Hall
Phone: (989) 964-4623