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The Saginaw Valley State University Board of Control established the charter school office (SUPO) in 1995. With modest beginnings, the office has grown to serve over 10,000 students in 17 academies across the state of Michigan. Our motto is "Student success is our passion." The office supports our schools by providing professional development, board training opportunities, teacher scholarships, and student scholarships for students that attend SVSU after graduation from an SVSU authorized school. See the PSA Scholar Program for more information.

In June 2017, SUPO received Charter School Authorizer Accreditation from AdvancEd. An additional five years was awarded by Cognia (formerly AdvancEd) in June 2022.

Our mission is to promote accessible quality education that empowers all participants. We believe that access to quality education is empowerment for all. A quality education welcomes all, fosters creativity, and entitles learners to grow into their most authentic selves. As every difference is an asset, education should always be a celebration of diverse views and people. This purpose is our guide and commitment to our education stakeholders. SUPO will always build a bigger table to ensure everyone has a seat at it because together we are better.

Our office serves as the link between our educational stakeholders and their opportunities for success, we aspire to authorize quality Public School Academies. We value collaboration and innovation with stakeholders, continuous improvement of organizational initiatives, compliance and transparency, academic achievement, and diversity, ethics and stewardship.

To learn more about Public School Academies or Charter Schools, visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Charter Advisory Council

The SUPO Advisory Council serves a crucial purpose in the institutional framework by enhancing and formalizing the chartering decision-making process. Its primary objective is to broaden the spectrum of insights beyond the confines of the SUPO office, incorporating perspectives from both internal (University) and external experts. By doing so, the council aims to offer a fresh and comprehensive outlook on SUPO's assessment of the current charter space and climate.

The council's role involves establishing a systematic screening process to evaluate charter proposals, ensuring a thorough and objective review. This approach is designed to reduce the need for additional inquiries and enhance the overall trust in SUPO's representation of SVSU, the President, and the Board of Control. Through the inclusion of diverse expertise and perspectives, the SUPO Advisory Council strives to foster a more transparent, informed, and accountable decision-making process, ultimately contributing to the effective governance of the institution.

Committee Members: Dr. David Lewis, Candice Casey, Don Cooper, Dr. Deb Huntley, Ellen Crane, James Tarr, Joe Rousseau, John Kaczynski

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Office Location: Gilbertson Hall
Phone: (989) 964-4623