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Public School Academy Outstanding Employee Award

2022-2023 Outstanding Employee Award Winner

Leslie Ellis - Kingsbury Country Day School

Leslie Ellis
Kingsbury Country Day School

Leslie Ellis is our 7th/8th grade science teacher. She exemplifies the image of a dedicated educator! She has served our students for 12 years. Mrs. Ellis goes above and beyond to ensure our students have a positive middle school experience, both in the classroom and out. She creates hands-on, minds-on learning opportunities in the classroom, bringing science to them in authentic, meaningful ways. Mrs. Ellis respects her students and embraces them for who they are―growing adolescents finding their way in this world. She provides them with the support and guidance they need and appreciate. She also has spent numerous years organizing and leading bagel sales at our school as a fundraiser that directly supports our middle school students. The funds raised help support the cost of the 8th grade trip to Washington DC. This is no small task! It's a weekly commitment she has made for our students and has done so for many years. Additionally, she is the lead teacher that organizes both the 8th grade Washington DC trip and the 6th grade Mackinac Island trip, she serves as our middle school division head, and is the student council sponsor. Mrs. Ellis wears many, many hats! And on top of all that she does, this year, she is hosting a student teacher! Providing mentorship with all her expertise, she is intentionally paying it forward to help the next generation of educators successfully enter the classroom.

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