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July 2023


July is National Family Reunion Month!

Family reunions allow people to come together, reunite, and create new moments and memories with loved ones. One of the core values of SUPO is stewardship. Stewardship in the family goes beyond finances. It is a commitment and investment in the present for the future. Making intentional plans to reunite with family, share traditions, celebrate, and value one another is a part of the commitment. Please make time this summer to step away from your job duties. Direct your talents, time, and resources toward the family and friends that you didn’t get to see during the busy school year. All the summer programming in the world will not be the sole savior of your academic program. Set that weight down and pick up your suitcase. Travel, connect, and breath.



by Jordan McCloud

If the phrase,” High on Life” was a place, that place would be Costa Rica. As a part of the PSA Scholarship Program, I was eligible for a scholarship that sent me on a Study Abroad 101 trip to Costa Rica and the whole experience was something of a dream. To be so close to nature really pulls you away from the standard way of living, and the country has a way of pushing you to be daring and adventurous. Each and every person deserves to live a full life, and during my time in Costa Rica I was able to self-reflect on how small my world has been. Coming up from the city life, I don't appreciate the earth for what it is and what it can offer. I witnessed a life somewhat integrated with nature...restaurants blooming with floral life, hotels swarming with an array of different plant life, mountains and mountains stretch far across the horizon, enormous clouds swallow the sky. Costa Rica was nothing shy of a great view next to being constantly kissed by the sun; it was all fuel for the soul. A nature battery I didn't know needed charging. My trip here also opened me up to several new experiences that I never dreamed could come true...sitting in a luxurious hot spring, zip lining through the trees, volcanic nature walks, an ear infection, boat tours through the canals, walking on black sand beaches crushed by ocean waves, KFC, kayaking to distant islands, white water rafting, glamping, and scuba diving. Another experience, more so a lesson, is Pura Vida. Translating to Pure life, while this two-word phrase is used as a way of greetings/goodbyes, the word truly teaches this idea of living a full life filled with love and adventure and not taking the world so seriously. Coasting on life’s wave, you can let go of the stress and just breathe a new breath. Living the Pura Vida lifestyle was great, and I loved everything I was able to do but none of it would have been nearly worth it if I didn't have my travel group. I was able to really connect with these strangers and by the end of the trip I had made lifelong friends. The community we created gave us the social validation we needed to let go and enjoy the trip to the fullest. I would highly suggest any student, no matter where you go, leave your city, leave your state, leave your COUNTRY! The world is huge, full of stories and dreams that you should be chasing. College can only teach you so much; so, taking advantage of scholarship programs are a great way to see if the grass is greener on the other side. Studying abroad is what I would argue is something essential for getting the full college experience. I took advantage of what the PSA scholarship program was able to do for me and now I have memories that will last me a lifetime, experiences that help me grow as a person, and new people in my life to support and share the journey with.





2023-2024 School Leader Meeting Dates:

  • Friday, August 18, 2023 (10:00 – 3:00 pm @ SVSU)
  • Friday, November 17, 2023 (TBD)
  • Friday, February 16, 2024 (TBD)
  • Friday, May 17, 2024 (TBD)





2022-23 Board Training Resources
Check out our new website for training resources from Airwin Educational Services and the School/University Partnership Office.


Michelle Williams - Branch Line School
Catherine Amboy - Chatfield School
Naomi Smith - Flat River Academy
Jeffery Driscoll - Kingsbury Country Day School
Michael Easlick - Kingsbury Country Day School
Michael Broyles - Merritt Academy
Abanoub Attya - New Dawn Academy of Warren
John Tilley - Woodland School




Future Proud Michigan Educator Grow Your Own Staff Grants Awarded- Second Application Window this Summer!

Eighty school districts in Michigan will be developing more teachers from within their ranks with Future Proud Michigan Educator Grow Your Own (GYO) staff grants. A reported 1,375 future educators will be able to access funds as part of this effort. To meet the high interest for GYO programs, MDE will provide a second application window this summer. School districts that want to learn more about the Round 2 GYO application process and timeline can consult the GYO Grant website or email Staff who are interested in learning more about financial support for future educators are encouraged to visit and MI Student Aid to learn about funding opportunities for which they may be eligible. For more information, view this press release.


July 2023 Special Education Updates (40KB)



Begin Learning this FALL

There will never be a perfect time to continue your education. Time is the currency of our lives, and we must watch how we spend it. SUPO values your time and realizes that ‘currency’ can be a barrier to pursuing your career goals. The Saginaw Valley State University’s (SVSU) School/University Partnership Office offers graduate course tuition scholarships to SVSU authorized Public School Academy employees enrolled in a College of Education program. Fifty percent of tuition and mandatory fees for 15 credits per year is available (Fall - Summer). Coursework may be completed at any SVSU campus. In addition, on-line and Distant Learning courses qualify for tuition assistance as well.

75% Tuition Scholarships are available starting Fall 2023.

Find out more information at our website:



SVSU Public school academies are invited to participate. The GVSU Charter Schools Office supports great outcomes for kids and schools by connecting educators to proven tools and instructors from across the nation. All professional education offerings are free to all educators. Each series we offer is held together as a sequenced program, but participants may also attend individual sessions that best fit their schedule. 

GVSU's Full list of Professional Development Offerings




School/University Partnership Office
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