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Committees & Leadership

Committee and Leadership Roles

  • President: Serves as the primary voice of the students and shall act on the best interest and well-being of the entire student body. They do this by representing the students to the Board of Control, various administrative offices, and committees. This is a paid position. 
  • Speaker of the House: The primary source of communication within the Association, the Speaker creates agendas for the regular House Meetings as well as creating committee assignments, and a plethora of other things. This is a paid position. 
  • Executive Assistant: Formulate the annual budget, work closely with the finance director to process allocations, take meeting minutes at bi-weekly house meetings, and maintain the supply of office materials/resources. This is a paid position. 

Student & Legislative Affairs Committee

This committee resolves campus issues through Grade Grievances, coordinates lobbying efforts at the state capitol, creates the exam bags and hygiene packs, and hosts events regarding diversity, Title IX and mental health. The two presiding leadership positions are outlined below: 

  • Parliamentarian: Evaluate the bylaws of the association, maintain Robert's Rules of Order during house meetings, and resolve conflict regarding the association's bylaws by providing a Parliamentarian Opinion. Presides over the Student Affairs committee with the ombudsman. 
  • Ombudsman: Coordinate grade grievances and advocate for the student voice. Presides over the Student Affairs Committee. 

House Resources Committee

This committee invests in RSOs through $45,000 in Allocations each year and contains two leadership members, outlined below: 

  • Finance Director: Oversee the maintenance and dispersal of allocations and scholarships. Presides over the House Resources Committee. 
  • Public Information Officer: Spread information and maintain general communication via the association's social media, create monthly Potty Postings advertisements, and record our bi-weekly house meetings. Presides over the House Resources Committee. 

Campus Events Committee 

This committee engages the campus community through fun events like Red Pride Picnic, Cardinal Ball, Battle of the Valleys, and so many more. The three presiding leadership members that are housed in this committee are outlined below:  

  • Diversity Chair: Collaborate and maintain communication with multicultural RSOs, as well as promote the value of diversity within the association itself. Presides over the Campus Events Committee. 
  • Campus Events Director: Create a multiplicity of events to engage the student body, as well as the formulation of the Red Pride Picnic and the Cardinal Ball. Presides over the Campus Events Committee. 
  • Battle Chair: Plan and execute of the annual Battle of the Valleys fundraiser. Presides over the Campus Events Committee.